Friday, January 23, 2009

Sony Ericsson Batteries Last Longer And Perform Better Than Most Top Brands!

Sony Ericsson Cell phone batteries are available for range of products. They provide
many models to suit. Avoid buying batteries from other manufacturers. The
accessories, which suit your cell phone, can be purchased from the mobile store. If
you are looking for a replacement battery, choose the battery from the range of
batteries available from Sony Ericsson.

Few popular choices are

Lithium battery For Ericsson A2218z, R300 Series

This lithium Ion battery is compatible with Sony Ericsson A2218z, R300d, R300lx,

Capacity: 650 mAH 3.6 v

Talk Time up to: 90 minutes

Standby Time up to: 48 hours

Approximate price: $ 17.00

Sony Ericsson lithium battery is the lightest and most compact battery that exists in
the market today. It is also one of the longest lasting batteries for Sony Ericsson cell

Sony T28 Extended 1000mAH Li-Ion battery

These models are Compatible with Sony Ericsson T-28/ T28Z/ T28-WORLD/ T39/
T39M/ R320SC/ R520M cell phones.

Capacity: 1000 mAH

Talk Time up to: 120 minutes

Standby Time: up to 50 hours

Approximate price: $ 20.00

The T28 battery is one of Sony Ericsson costly battery but it is worth its price.

Sony Ericsson z570 K750 D750 w800 k600 v600 Li-Ion Battery

Capacity: 800 mAH

Talk Time up to: 100 minutes.

Standby Time: up to 45 hours

Approximate price: $15.00

This lithium ion battery is made so sleek and light and has a solid talk time of 3 hours is
sold only at a cost of around $15.00.

Sony Ericsson Z200 K700 K508 K500 K300 F500 T290 Lithium Ion battery
Compatible with sony ericsson z500 Z200 K700 K508 K500 K300 F500 T290 T220
T226 and T237

Capacity: 900 mAH

Talk Time up to: 120 minutes.

Standby Time: up to 45 hours

Approximate price: $15.00

This model of battery is the commonly used battery for all Sony Ericsson phones and it
is sold at a very reasonable price. It has a solid backup of 120 minutes.

Sony T60 / T61 Li-Ion 850mAH battery

Compatible with Sony Ericsson T60/ T60D/ T60LX/ T61/ T61Z/ T62u cell phones.

Capacity: 850 mAH

Talk Time up to: 100 minutes.

Standby Time: up to 45 hours

Approximate price: $20.00

The reason this little one is so costly is it suits almost all the models of Sony Ericsson.
So if you?re going in for a Sony Ericsson battery chose this it's the best.


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