Monday, January 19, 2009

Hats for the Girls!

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Awwww! We all want our little girls to look cute and large amounts of our hard-earned money is spent every year trying to achieve this. Children’s fashion is an absolutely massive industry making huge sums of money that has developed off the back of our interest in keeping our kids looking their best. The fact that the industry has grown so big, has led to some organisations using exploitative methods to drive down manufacturing prices and increase profits.

This has been widely publicised and with an ever-growing public awareness, many of us now try to make a conscious effort to buy items that come from ethical sources. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it may first appear to be and in many cases, we probably do not even know under what conditions the clothes we buy are made.

Help is at hand. There are now websites specifically designed with the intention of producing ethically sound garments that still remain practical and pretty. After all, why shouldn’t our little girls still look great while you do your bit to support fair trade? What is even better, choosing to help this cause will almost certainly mean that your girl’s baby hat will be manufactured to a superb quality.

Of course, when we think about girls baby clothes, the colour that comes immediately to mind is pink. It is as a defining colour for girls as blue is to boys and therefore it is a dominating colour in the world of girl’s baby clothing. However, do not despair, if pink is not the colour for you (or indeed your little girl) there are other colour choices that can look equally as sweet.

Hat design is important too. Many baby hat styles centre on the traditional ‘beanie’ hat look but today, although this look is still popular there are a myriad of other hat styles to ensure that our baby girls always look great.

Perhaps the most important issue and the real reason we all want our babies to sport some great headgear is to keep them warm. Baby hats are not just a fashion accessory; they are an essential item that ensures our children stay warm and snug when venturing outdoors. Choosing a baby hat that is manufactured from the best quality materials by experienced hat makers ensures that our babies will indeed be able to brave the elements in style.

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