Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nokia 8 GB Mobile Phones

Nokia N95 8GB Mobile Phones
Holding a mobile phone in hand while traveling was a matter of pride, till a few couple of years back. But things changed with time. The technological revolution that took place in the field of telecommunication along with advancements in the field of mobile phone handsets made things different. Mobile handsets became small with heavy innovations that many could not even dream a couple of years back. The capacity of memory is one among them.

Nokia N81 coming in attractive designs and casing has a 2 Gbyte MicroSD memory card. But the handset also provides the user an option to expand the memory depending upon the needs. The Nokia N81 8GB comes with 8 Gbytes of internal flash memory that allows the user to store much data on their new handset. It makes it possible for the user to store the required data ensuring effective results.

The Nokia N95 8GB mobile handset is another phone from the lineage of Nokia that can claim a memory of 8 Gbytes. This mobile handset comes with 160 Mbytes of internal memory by providing the user the freedom to expand the memory capabilities with a MicroSD memory card up to 2 Gbytes. The N95 8GB comes with 100 Mbytes of internal dynamic memory that helps the user in storing the messages, images, applications and ringtones. The 8 Gbytes of internal flash memory helps the users in storing a high volume of multimedia content including photos, music and video.

Nokia N91 is another handset from Nokia that has a memory of 8 Gbytes that ensures the excellent storage capacity required for the user. It also comes as 8GB music edition that holds enough capacity for music storage, making it a perfect set for music lovers. The phone comes with 8 Gbytes of hard disk memory which allows the user to store approximately 6000 songs on the Music Edition.

This is a must have device for all the tech savvy mobile enthusiasts!

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