Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blackberry 8300 Nothing But Magic!

Mobiles are the most important devices of modern times. So much so that a world without mobiles is unthinkable today. Thanks to mobiles communication, the way it was carried out on phones, has undergone a sea change. Increasing popularity of mobiles have also increased the demand for them which has led to more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on the growing mania.

And when it comes to talking about mobile manufacturing companies then one company that simply outshines others is Blackberry. Product after product it has been establishing the fact that when it comes to mobiles they are head and shoulders above their closest competitors.

Their latest offering, Blackberry 8300, is no different. With it they have once again proved that when it comes to mobiles then there cannot be anyone as competent as them and they have once again cemented their position as number one in mobile industry.

Blackberry 8300, which can be termed as nothing less than a sensation, is studded with so many outstanding features that it is virtually impossible to take your eyes of this small wonder. Yes! It is probably the smallest and lightest of all the mobiles.

With a keyboard that is fully QWERTY, it also possesses clean lines with soft edges and a liquid silver finish. One thing that everyone wants in a mobile is that it should have a camera installed in it so that if one finds any sight worth recording then he should be able to freeze it to savour it for days to come. Well in addition to a wonderful and powerful camera, it also has such outstanding features like Blackberry maps, media player, expandable memory, voice activated dialing and tethered modem and trackball navigation.

If you have not staggered by now, you surely stand a very strong chance of that happening now, for apart from the above mentioned features, it also provides facilities like e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, web browsing and advanced phone functionality.

It is because of the wide range of services that it provides that Blackberry 8300 review has been outstanding with not a single negative review against it. Blackberry 8300 deals are also very attractive with the result that ' buy Blackberry 8300' has become the anthem of entire UK.

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